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    BioSens-AllTM: a platform to interrogate GPCR signaling

    The BioSens-AllTM platform was implemented to interrogate the signaling complexity associated with GPCR activation. It consists of a combination of BRET-based biosensors each designed to follow one specific signaling event upon GPCR activation.

    1. In a microplate, cells are co-transfected with the vector expressing the GPCR native sequence (no tag required) and the vectors for the expression of the desired biosensors.
    2. Following protein-transient expression (48hrs after transfection), compounds are incubated with the cells and the activity of the biosensor is measured.


    BioSens-AllTM platform: a flexible service offering

    With over 25 biosensors, the BioSens-AllTM platform constitutes a unique offering of integrated functional assays dedicated to the characterization of GPCR signaling. BioSens-AllTM enables the design of tailored studies (number and type of biosensors) reflecting investigators’ needs. Intracellular events measured within the BioSens-AllTM services include:


    Advantages of BioSens-AllTM studies

    • Will rapidly deliver the signaling signature for the GPCR of choice (example: wild type, mutant or orthologous)
    • No assay system bias (all cellular events measured with the same platform)
    • No structural modification of the receptor

    BioSens-AllTM applications include but are not limited to :

    • Orthosteric and allosteric compound bias effects
    • Signaling signature of wild-type receptors versus mutant variants
    • Orphan receptor signaling signature determination (deorphanization)
    • Detection of receptor constitutive activity