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    18-10-11 Pascal Neuville attends the BPIFrance Inno Génération in Paris - Interview

    18-03-20 Domain Therapeutics' business model validated : Lundbeck acquires Prexton Therapeutics for $1.1b

    18-02-27 BMS takes a license to bioSens-All™ technology

    September 06, 2017

    Domain Therapeutics and 5 SATTs Announce an Innovative Commercial and Scientific Partnership to Accelerate Drug Development in France

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    17-05-10 New dedicated bioSensAll™ website launched

    17-04-25 Pfizer Inc. and Domain Therapeutics enter into a collaboration agreement on bioSensAll™

    17-03-15 PeptiMimesis receives second tranche of seed funding to further advance its transmembrane peptide pipeline

    17-01-23 Domain Therapeutics and Merck enter into a license and collaboration agreement for development of adenosine receptor antagonists in immuno-oncology

    16-12-14 Domain Therapeutics grants Alkermes a non-exclusive license

    16-10-18 Domain Therapeutics and Medicxi launch Mavalon Therapeutics

    16-09-27 Domain Therapeutics signed an exclusive license with universities of Montreal and McGill

    16-09-19 Prexton Therapeutics completes phase 1 clinical trial with PXT002331

    16-04-20 PeptiMimesis secures €1.2m ($1.4m) from Cap Innov’Est

    16-03-08 Ipsen and PeptiMimesis announce a research partnership in oncology

    16-02-29 PeptiMimesis: New biotech startup developing next generation therapeutic peptides in immuno-oncology, oncology and immune diseases

    15-12-01 PeptiMimesis, a breakthrough approach to the development of oncology therapies, from Conectus Alsace’s maturation investments

    15-03-04 Domain Therapeutics launches Specific Purpose Vehicle Kaldi Pharma to harness the potential of its adenosine programs

    14-09-22 Domain Therapeutics appoints Professor Michel Bouvier as chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

    14-05-27 Domain Therapeutics appoints Dr Youssef L. Bennani as chairman of the board

    14-04-14 Domain Therapeutics Continues Program to Alter Course of Parkinson’s Disease with Renewed Support of The Michael J. Fox Foundation

    14-02-04 Domain Therapeutics enters into collaboration with XOMA

    14-01-20 Domain Therapeutics opens a North American subsidiary at Montreal's NEOMED Institute

    13-12-18 Domain Therapeutics, Université de Montréal, IRICoR and McGill University sign new licensing and partnership agreement on G-Protein Coupled Receptor biosensor technology

    13-01-22 Domain Therapeutics grants Prexton Therapeutics an exclusive option to license and develop mGluR4 PAMs for Parkinson’s Disease

    12-10-23 Domain Therapeutics Enters into Collaboration Agreement with Ono in the Field of GPCR-Based Drug Discovery

    12-07-17 Domain Therapeutics closes 2 million Euros funding round

    12-03-13 Domain Therapeutics wins EUR 933,000 grant for schizophrenia project

    12-01-30 Domain Therapeutics awarded grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for the development of novel mGluR3 PAM compounds to treat Parkinson's disease

    11-01-17 Domain Therapeutics and Merck Serono Announce an Agreement to Develop Drugs for Parkinson’s Disease

    09-11-04 Domain Therapeutics announces successful completion of the first milestone in its Research Agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical

    08-12-15 Domain Therapeutics raises EUR 2.11M (USD 2.8M)

    08-12-01 Domain Therapeutics, a new name in GPCR drug discovery